Monday, March 5, 2012

Counting the days before David Finch in Manila!

03.05.2012 – Saturday afternoon was not your usual extravagant event though for comic book junkies it’s a preview of what are things to come. The guys and gals who went masquerading as their Batman Family of characters for Fully Booked to promote David Finch’s arrival for next Sunday. This was received by photo opportunity and individual portraits from all walks of life.

While they scour the grounds of Bonifacio High Street I took the liberty and checking out the set up display to promote the up coming event. Fully Booked teams up with Comic Odyseey to bring one of DC Comics’ well known artists to the country next week.

Seriously I was not overwhelmed about the promotion compared to what Neil Gaiman did back in 2005 where there was a huge turn out what he describes as the “wall of sound” and that would be one the biggest events that happened in the Philippine Geek Fandom. Though David Finch’s work grows on me with the success of the comic book The Dark Knight and was included in the now rebooted New 52 still tops on my list of MUST READS.

I had to admit I’m not a big fan of Finch so I don’t know what questions to ask him next Sunday as I was inserted in the roster of bloggers for a round table of Q&A. I’m not going to be someone out there putting out my status update on Facebook that he/she got a shot at the exclusive interview and hyping the event when you don’t even know what books he had done in the past years.

So far all I’m thinking right now is get to know Finch through his previous works. I only read a couple of Brightest Day books that he did almost all the covers. I might mistake him for someone else as Finch shares the same first/last name with a director who is also Canadian popularly known for documentaries.

What I know about David Finch is he was the artist who worked with Brian Michael Bendis in destroying the Avengers and rebooting Marvel’s premier team as “The New Avengers” that featured Wolverine and Spider-Man in the mix.

For an outstanding artist who won the Joe Shuster Award in 2009 he has come along way. A remarkable talent who is making an impressive run with Batman: The Dark Knight comic book series. He also did the artwork for Batman #700 which until now I’ve wanted to have but has been sold out in the shelves prior to Flashpoint and the New 52 series.

Probably I’ll look up more on his past work but so far from what I see in his career there’s no further question I would ask but simply a casual talk with the man who is making Batman popular nowadays.

I’m sure I would think of something in less than 7 days from now if you want to get your books signed next Sunday drop by Fully Booked in the morning and stand in line. This is going to be a huge crowd flocking the flagship branch and you don’t want to miss out the action.

For more about David Finch in Manila check the details at Fully Booked Online!

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