Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dockers Men of Action Spring & Summer Collection!

03.04.2012 – Dockers had recently launched their Spring/Summer Collection to coincide with their latest promo for you to win their BMW 116i Special Edition.

They held the event at the North court side of Power Plant Mall in Rockwell.

The event featured the latest collections for the upcoming season. Besides the launch of their latest clothing line they are also proud to unveil the first visuals from the latest evolution of its international, Wear The Pants® marketing platform featuring Bear Grylls, star of multiple extreme survival programs seen on Discovery Channel.

The campaign will pair Grylls’ rugged charisma with the latest in refined, approachable masculine style from the world’s most authoritative khaki resource, the Dockers® brand. Portions of the campaign were shot in the “wilds” of Manhattan, including a series of outdoor scenes photographed in the city’s beloved Central Park, by lens-man Koto Bolofo.

The program began at 6PM and hosted by DJ Show Suzuki of JAM 88.3 FM wearing Dockers clothing brand with such exuberance. There was a dance number in the opening program showcasing the men behind the mask who would ramp off with the latest collection for spring and summer from Dockers.

They also raffled off some goodies for seven lucky winners as well as unveiling the AVP for the Wear The Pants® campaign introducing Discovery Channel’s Bear Grylls. The introduction of the latest line of khakis, pants and clothing from Dockers was divided to seven days on how to bring out the best in you from Monday to Sunday this also includes the latest bags for the trendy wear.

Dockers presents a myriad of ways to ‘get yourself together’ and conquer these challenges with relative ease and cool; be it an optimistic fresh Monday, a relaxed yet still serious Tuesday, an out of office Wednesday, a morning of work and play Thursday, organized planning for next week’s to-do Friday, easy-going recreation Saturday and essential R&R Sunday.

According to Bobet Romualdo, Dockers Commercial Director for Asia, “Men face different kinds of challenges every day and the desire to be effective in accomplishing tasks or getting work done is universal. Men need to be confident and in control with sudden changes of situation, have to have khakis that equip to conquer it.”

He added, “Dockers celebrating the real men of action this season believe that after all, for the men of action Dockers saves the day, every day”. The media was all eyes specially the women who did the coverage featuring the best looking ramp models to bring the Wear The Pants® campaign to the public.

Before the closing of the program and after giving away the remaining goodies they have announced their latest summer promo to celebrate being the real men of action, Dockers is launching ‘Dockers Man of Action Car Raffle Promo’ and get a chance to win a BMW 116i.

A raffle promo that is easy to join – simply purchase one Alpha Khaki and one regular Dockers item, and that entitles Dockers customer to one raffle coupon.
This promotion for the real men of action will run starting this March until May. The raffle draw and the announcement of the winner will take place on a one of a kind event this coming June.

So take that quick step and visit a Dockers store, be amazed with the collection inspired by real men of action -- Dockers 2012 Spring/Summer collection.

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