Monday, December 5, 2011

Donald Duck Original Art Sketches and More!

12.05.2011 – Eureka! I finally found my other two signed sketch art by well know Filipino comic book artists. Now I have reunited all the sketches that came from the “care package” from San Francisco. If anyone has known me personally I don’t only collect toys, comics, magazine… Lint and anything that looks cool I get them.

But seriously it was not my idea to collect sketch art a friend made the effort to getting me one done by three artists from WonderCon 2008. It’s something I really I appreciate about art by not just looking at them it’s the meticulous detail that makes me like how the contours of the pencil stroke such awesomeness.

Well there are a few who would disagree that it was like jumping the band wagon but it was not the case. There was a friend who I met in 2005 at the early mornings that time when there only a handful of us lining up to get Neil Gaiman’s signature. He was the same friend who picked up my Sandman #50 before moving to the United States. Seriously he was the same person who got me interested in appreciating the art of commissioned sketches.

L to R: Ernie Chan, Alex Nino, and Toni DeZuniga commission art at Wonder Con 2008.

The first sketch he got me had Ernie Chan, Alex Nino, and Toni DeZuniga does Transformers character art. It was made during the WonderCon 2008 and the story recalls how it happened. If everyone haven’t heard Toni DeZuniga does not draw robots or any squared metallic bodies. He did make a commissioned sketch for Darth Vader at the pleas of a Singporean who came to see the Filipino greats at the Vinyl + SPLASH comic-con organized by Fullybooked some two Saturday s ago.

Back to my original story how my sketch was made… Being teased by your compatriots with the likes of Ernie Chan and Alex Nino you can’t say “NO” in making a sketch for a fan thousands of miles away. Mr. DeZuniga had to do it and he made one TransFormers Fan VERY proud.

Alex Nino Signed  Exclusive Print.

Ernie Chan got me Bumblebee while Alex Nino made a very cool rendition of Optimus Prime. You’ll be surprised which Transformer Mr. DeZuniga had drawn from that sketch page. It was Iron Hide the guy bot who bought the farm in the 1986 animated movie. It doesn’t look like Toni DeZuniga but his signature sealed the deal. Until now I can still recall how this story came about.

I’m sure Toni would recall the story if he had seen the sketch himself being a man in his 80s you can’t expect him to remember who he met and what he commission art did he made that day.

Moving forward to 2011 I got additional commission sketch art at the recent WonderCon and Big Wow Comic Festival courtesy of the same friend who got me that first sketch plus some notable comic books that never came or was sold out.

What strikes me the most in this year’s line-up of works was Don Rosa. I’m a casual Donald Duck fan but my friend really made me proud of getting me a commission sketch from the man who did comic book works for Disney.

The Three Caballeros was one of his works and Rosa’s interpretation of Donald Duck is spot on classic from the 1950s. I could have agreed more to appreciating this art work and Donald being a personal favorite Disney characters reflects some part of my personality.

The fuming Donald Duck in red was really something to have it framed IF I find a personal residence with a lot of wall space that would be something.

The other notable artworks that caught my attention is the Filipino komiks character in Lastikman by Alex Nino and the Wonder Woman art which was drawn by Travis Charest. The other one is Darna the Filipino version of Wonder Woman by Ernie Chan.

The last one can make another friend in envy which is drawn by Matt Wagner and its Batman, which I don’t think it’s a sketch but a doodle with simple marker lines.

Right now the only way to keep them in minty fresh and safe is getting them in the storage. Luckily the first sketch that was sent to me in 2008 was in my closet and it been there all along.

I’ve been searching for it since Komikon 2011 but to no avail with too many stuff piled up in my room it’s a different environment that I’m living right now.

Overall this is going to be another growing interest in appreciating another form of collecting. But I would keep it to a minimum since the plastic acid free sleeves for the sketches is not yet available here in the Philippines and I have to purchase them from the US.

For now I’m just giddy about seeing them all complete and stored in their rightful safe places. I really appreciate to a friend who I can call an extended part of my family.

Of course that includes that hairless beast from San Diego. Haha.

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