Friday, September 9, 2011

AJ Matela Remembered.

09.09.2011 - Who is AJ Matela? For some who are new in the blogging community he is the proprietor of site.

The man has lived and breathes his true self as an individual who stands out among his fellow bloggers.

Flamboyant and talented to his close friends and family we will never see another person like AJ.

Born Ariel James Matela is opinionated and fashionably chic on how he brings himself. He doesn’t have fear to say what he doesn’t like out loud. Though I do not personally know the man but he captured everyone’s attention through his blog.

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I only saw him during the Digital Filipino Fellowship night on October 25, 2008 where he performed a special dance number displaying his moves with an entertaining personality in the community.

After that I see him less in the events I was invited into and pretty much the quiet individual I see in my perspective. Though a lot of his close friends would speak volumes of him through words and pictures expressing their gratitude on the people AJ has touched. Clearly we will miss his thoughts and his courage what he has to say regarding opinions about everything that’s happening around us.

To help pay for the medical expenses that amounted to PhP 500,000 pesos according to the AJ's sister they where asking for help. Prior to his passing a benefit dinner was held ladt night. You may also contact Mrs. Matela thru her mobile 0908 570 1555/0927 984 8142.

Bank details of the family here:
BPI Savings Account
Eric John Matela
Kidapawan Branch
Anne A. Matela
Cash n Carry

AJ passed away today and we will surely miss his presence. For those who would like to help his family please do support 1000 volunteers for AJ Matela.

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