Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anne Curtis takes the MRT to see Kylie Minogue!

07.05.2011 - On the way home while on the road... Actually while walking I just happen to catch Anne Curtis sending her tweet after she arrived from Sidney a few hours.

Interesting to see this bubbly woman in her adventures in the city. Actually she was running late for a concert of Kylie Minogue, and I was wishing the tickets where not that pricy.

Ever wonder if she's going to get volunteers to Do The Locomotion on stage.

I'm really impressed about Ms. Curtis Smith with her bravery traveling via the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). She's really down to Earth and definitely an awesome girl!
Jump after the cut...

Its all good that she has her assistant with her, and supportive about the first two coach of the train only dedicated to female passengers.

Awesome story she's given us one a one sentence tweet accompanied with this bubbly photo.

Reminds me the time the late great Francis M. took the MRT just to meet up his contacts in Makati five years ago.

Rarely you see celebrities who would like to ride any of the mass transit like the MRT or the LRT.

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