Sunday, July 3, 2011

Random Snaps: Sunday at the Ayala Malls!

07.03.2011 - Sunday is an equal opportunity to spend with the family and love ones. This is the first time I spent going to the mall from the opening up to post-lunch time.

The Central Business District has changed in the last seven years, and it has evolved from its landscape.

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Inevitably the only permanent thing that has happened the past years is change, which is currently sweeping this city. The drastic boom of the Fort Bonifacio Global City has left Makati in rapid overhaul. The changes can be seen through its mall renovations and anything in-between.

The usual places you have been going through everyday going to work has changed. If you have left the Philippines and has not been around to see these changes I share you some quick snap shots using the Samsung Galaxy Tab's 3.2 Mega Pixel cameras.

Though not on its maximum setting for the image quality it still gives better pictures compared to other phone cameras.

Arriving at Greenbelt 1 I took a few snaps what it looks like now after Greenbelt 5 was built, and its actually an expanded mall of the original. The old place is now just a shadow of its once great glory from the 1980s to the late 1990s.

Its where me and college friends watched the movies that came out from those times. I could still remember a guard stopped me once from entering the cinema to watch Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop 3, because I looked like a minor. Until I showed him my college identification and that was resolved immediately.

Greenbelt 5 the new place is far from its original predecessor. It had four levels and has bright lights with more crowds going to this place due to its well built air condition.

Passing by Build City to check out the latest LEGO toys and they have been freshly displayed in the shelves. It’s something you'd want to grab and buy like any kid who wants a new build. They also have PlayMobil toys, which rival LEGO's quality being its unique play value and originality.

So after a quick spin at the toy shop I head out to Glorietta (passing through Landmark which I'll tell you more about on the way back) the center of Ayala Mall, which as to everyone's knowledge is getting renovated.

The interior and exterior area has been getting a lot of changes. The entire part of Glorietta, which connects to SM Makati has been demolished and the route alternative is now Glorietta 4. I headed to SM Makati to give you the interior changes of that old place.

You'll notice the change as with the exterior change with SM Makati when you stay at the Glorietta 4 Active Park. A view of SM Makati, Glorietta 4, and Glorietta 5 will give you a changed perspective how things have evolved over the years. What used to be a huge parking lot beside Rustan's is now Glorietta 5 which is also a call center office.

A view of Glorietta 4 with the new logo can be seen as tailored to what Glorietta 5 has now in its current incarnation.

After a long day at the malls I headed back and took the same route going back through Landmark. This time I did not take the bridge connecting both malls. I went through the entrance crossing Glorietta 3 to the side entrance where they load all the groceries.

There was a commotion happening earlier today, and I didn't pay attention that much as just going through the place. Landmark has been around as early as 1987 if I assume correctly.

The second Landmark is located at TriNoma Mall, which is also owned by the Ayala Land Corporation. You won't miss that place since its the last station you get off from the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). The original Landmark in Makati is getting a major renovation, which started with its floor tiles a couple of months back.

They also changed gradually with the lighting of the place, and its no longer that gloomy department store from the 1980s. It’s now quite a shabby place now similar to its second branch in TriNoma Mall. Though the new one is bigger than its older store

Upon heading back the usual bridge walkway has been altered as there is no longer a Park Square II or the old Gold Crest to make room for that huge hotel being constructed beside Landmark.

So if you happen to come home, and this is your first time to check out Makati you'll be a bit lost. If you have live outside the country for some time, and has been gone for parts unknown. Fear not as there will be helpful people from the desk to assist you.

By the way the Wifi hot spot is only available within the vicinity of the newly constructed areas in Ayala Malls. SM Makati still needs to have a wifi hot spot, which they should add that to their list of convenience for those who frequent this mall.

After leaving the mall area just got more a few snaps of the city, and if your still familiar with the areas. The clouds have become dark gray after I got home, and its already pouring as of this writing.

Certainly things has drastically changed of the years, but overall its the same old city we come to appreciate. Its either going to work or taking advantage of the leisure places.

Makati is the place to be and I hope you come back to experience its grandeur on weekends.

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