Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Me-Time Moments with DOVE® Chocolate.

02.01.2011 - There are times you'd feel like a potato head wondering what to do when your at home and alone.

You try to find something to munch but can't get over the thought, that there's nothing to eat in that deep cookie jar or anything in the fridge.

Sometimes desperation for a snack is a manic panic.
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Before the toy room erupts in a bar brawls of action figure mayhem, and nasty shenanigans I usually engrossed myself in a light snack. For my Me-time Moments I hardly spend those times just staying at home just to be amazed, while munching on something to past the time.

Enter DOVE® Chocolate -- The perfect me-time moment companion with its uniquely silky smooth chocolate. From the bean to bar coupled with its special roasting, and grinding resulting in the signature silky smooth taste of DOVE® Chocolate.

I haven’t heard anything about a chocolate like this. It makes me want to buy one and try to have a sample of that silky smooth chocolate.

It won't be a pleasurable me-time moment without a DOVE® Chocolate in hand, while writing an article or taking photography shots of my toys. Its something to crave for and want to get more.

There are four different DOVE® Chocolates available at all supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenient stores which retails for PhP 45.00 pesos.

You can try the DOVE® Milk Chocolate (43g) a best seller or the three other choices are the DOVE® Dark Chocolate (43g), DOVE® Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, Almond & Raisin (43g) and DOVE® Chocolate with Crispy Rice (40g).

Surely I'm getting one to try out this delightful all-new DOVE® Chocolates. It must be mouth watering silky smooth chocolate!

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