Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sleep and Travel.

12.28.2010 - For the past three nights I haven't had a decent sleep. Not to mention a normal body clock. Too many stuff I want to do but so little time. I really need a real vacation and the last time I did took a break was like I'm still back home.

This was last year when I called Singapore as a vacation, but turned out more caught off guard and without any exact plans on what I should be doing.
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The last time I was away from the city was eight years ago, and that was a very long time to remember going to province. I haven't prepared for everything since I wasn't up to 100% percent after Christmas.

A view of the wallpaper from my laptop indicates I really need a serious vacation. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city to somewhere tropical.

I'm not spilling the beans but a few knows already where I'm heading. I guess that's where I'm gonna spend my New Year for the first time. Right now I just need to get some sleep to get everything planned as time of the essence... Good morning.

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