Monday, December 20, 2010

Post-Christmas Toy Fair Woes.

12.20.2010 - Busy times and worst traffic what's the worse time to travel at 6PM.

I'm practically not excited about this year, and not because I can't afford anything.

Actually I got neat stuff on the last minute toy run.

Though I don't see it a viable place to be this year unlike previous toy related events.
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There was not much good stuff that appealed to be thought acquiring. Earlier the day I first head off to Rustan's at Shangri-La Plaza to spend $20.00 US worth of gift checks. This must be the season for more gift checks, and lo and behold what I got...

After picking up the Power Core Grimstome with the Dinobots, A-Team action figures, and a Golf GTi Matchbox. I head out to see what's left of the so called Christmas Toy Fair once I got my loot in the bag. It's the same toy event but this time the toy drive donations went to cancer stricken kids and my fellow Toy Soldier 1:18 comrades are there to present their hardwork.

Picked up three additional die cast cars and got lucky with the Volkswagen vintage golf and a modified Beetle. I also got the First Edition Radio Flyer, which all of them will probably end up in storage sealed for future invesments.

Basically the remnants of the events is that everyone was packing up. Thanks to Cholo for some sales pitch I bought a Wolverine graphic novel for only $2.00 US.

I'm good already after a hard earned work which pays to be decent enough to get these.

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