Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Night Lights.

12.15.2010 - Heading home from another toy run. Its now becoming a habit for me to get out at night during these times.

I wish the store would stay opened until 11PM on a regular basis, which reminded me on my first trip to Singapore last year.

I'm definitely missing the trip there meeting old friends.
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For now the city is my great escape and its a privilage already to be part of it. A few former office colleagues are quite envious, that living outside the Makati Business District was a blessing in disguise.

Seven years ago traveling to what I personally call the quarter city is quite unbearable when you talk about the traffic.

For the reason I call it quarter city it's because New York is porbably ten times bigger than all the cities in the Philippines combined. NYC is my favorite city in the world and they say at night time it's gleaming with bright lights.

Though Makati has a fair share of those bright nights like this holiday season. It's a first to see how they decorated the city strategically, and whenever you go there's a Christmas tree well lit in every corner of the street.

The Ayala Triangle Gardens the centerpiece of the city which housed the Makati Stock Exchange has an awesome light show.

You just have to check out for yourself whenever you get the chance. Awesome spectacle.

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