Friday, December 10, 2010

The Ellen Adarna FHM Signing Adventure!

12.10.2010 - Its been more than 12 months since my last trip to a FHM magazine signing.

This one was slightly falls between the category of fail and success.

It was a rough day traveling via two transports and traffic was already worse since the end of November.
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Christmas rush has not been the worse time to attend a magazine signing. I can't recall having such a bad experience when my friend Mach Diesel was around two years ago. We haven't miss an FHM signing since October 2007 and I have been absent in some of the signing last year.

Though for this year I was completely not around until this month. I don't want to miss the opportunity to have the magazines signed by internet goddess Ellen Adarna, who was accommodating even though she was tired and loosing her voice. She was there and everyone went home happy, but her penmanship will show that she was really exhausted.

Imagine how long was the line where eveyone stood for almost two hours. The tail end of the very long line was stretched up near the front of Toys R' Us.

The only part of this adventure that was a minor fail is that Mach's name was misspelled by Ellen, and you could understand how tired this girl was. Some people in the area took advantage by lining up twice or three times even. The usual suspects I saw there was the same people, who I last saw in last year's signing I attended. But kudos again for Ellen Adarna for being understanding and patient with everyone.

Hopefully the next magazine signing I'll try to be really early as traveling from one place to another is getting difficult in Manila.

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