Monday, November 8, 2010

NU 107 Signing Off With A Bang.

11.08.2010 - Finally I got home in one piece after the end of what everyone was expecting to happen.

NU107.5 FM has signed off an hour ago, and the people who took vigil in seeing their beloved radio station was still optimistic of this outcome.

Namely mere hours ago I was basically somewhere, and since Saturday morning I missed A LOT of events that was scheduled. Canon Photomarathon 2010, an event at Eton Centris that was supposed to be Sunday morning, and the third book launching by a friend at Powerbooks.

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Though I did not miss going to The 4th Toy Kingdom Warehouse Toy Sale I still passed a lot of opportunity due to a personal domestic crisis.

Basically health took its toll, since I haven't been sleeping on a normal schedule. But enough of that drama I'm sure re-organization is needed, and I'm surely need a break from too much relaxing. My apologies about it but moving to the topic at hand... Yes, its the end of an era folks.

NU 107.5 FM, The Home of NU Rock after twenty three years they closed up shop. Truth to be told there was a lot of glamour within the radio booth's premises.

I was basically just roaming around and heard that they where inviting people to support them. Honestly I rarely listen to that station, but during high school years this was a Rock and Roll station that definitely delivered the goods. Its sad and in a good way a changing of the guard as we speak.

There's rarely a good radio station to listen to, and NU 107 was one of those long standing radio icons from the late 80s that became a household name.

Certainly they say its not the end, and the music lives on. They gave us the NU Rock Awards that contributed to new talent. Down to the wire the listeners where there until Lupang Hinirang started playing. It was an awesome sight to be told and how supportive the listeners where. From the day Quark Henares announced the line-up of shows, and performances up to the second the last jock who signed off.

The Press Media was around taking videos as fans light up the candles, and left a messages at the white tarpaulin for the once former Home of NU Rock. There where a lot of tearful goodbyes mostly from the female radio DJs.

Nothing much to say but Thank You NU 107 for giving us an alternative taste to listen to on Philippine radio. Something that has become rare these days among the carnival radio stations that appeal more to the masses. I guess its a matter of time that change is the only permanent we get to see.

Among the people spotted where fashionista Tim Yap, 89.9 Magic FM's Boys Night Out namely Sam YG and Slick Rick who spoke on radio, Vicki Belo, and some of the people from the music industry. There where band members from Parokya Ni Edgar, and some notable personalities who dropped by.

The crowd located at the ground floor AIC Gold Tower at F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center in Pasig City was still there. They where still hanging around, and saw a couple of familiar faces. Aides Arcega my former neighbor was there since 6PM with his band taking some videos. In the huge crowd outside a few people I met, though my apologies for short term memory to remember there names was present. There where security enforcers directing traffic.

Everyone was behaving among themselves short for one individual, who started to throw up as being so drunk. It was like People Power in a very small scale, but if you look at the crowd they where there all the way.

Past midnight and the people did not disperse, and I was heading home as I see the end of an era. The last song played was Ang Huling El Bimbo by the Eraserheads, and everyone sang along until the station ID recording played. The National Anthem played, but after that the listeners didn't stop chanting NU107!

It was definitely a great run to close up shop, and in some point I'm sure NU107 will be back in a different form. Something we'll wait and see next year as Aides mentioned. There's still hope and as they say its not the end but a bold new beginning.

Don't let your hopes down we carry on and rock moving forward.

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  1. Hey, I didn't know Nu 107 bit the bullet. Haven't been listening to any radio lately. Great post, Mark.