Sunday, November 7, 2010

Say Thank You And Take Home A Toblerone!

11.07.2010 - Giving the appreciation to the word Thank You is a rarely an ocassion we hardly forget.

There are so many thing to be said about one appreciate.

In every gratitude "Thank You" is a commodity that is not made out of fame or money.
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Having a past experience working in a call center industry appreciation by saying "Thank You" is the most important word you should not forget.

Toblerone has been consistently pushing to remind us to be grateful to our family, friends, and the people we constantly meet.

As a matter of fact they are giving away a box of Toblerone by participating to promote Thank You Day. A collection of virtual Thank You messages listed all things in Filipino is posted at their site.

Its easy to join and be part of this experience. All you have to do to is read the instructions at this food blog with further details. There are three contests for you to join.

You can either post a blog message, Share an image, and finally send a status message via onlie social networks. A third one could be a bit challenging by posting a video. This constest is also running on YouTube.

Maybe you should give a try and give your crative way of sending you "Thank You" message, and one message I share to you is this...

You can also post you message at the Thank You Museum just like me!

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