Monday, September 6, 2010

Woman Week's Celebration is about Cervical Cancer awareness.

09.06.2010 - Early morning trip has brought me to the city of San Fernando Pampanga.

They have opened today a week of celebration to promote the 2010 Woman's Week Celebration.

In this inauguration they have begun to promote the advocacy for Cervical Cancer...

They are promoting this event to 500 San Fernando, Pampanga Goverment Workers Will Be Saved from Cervical Cancer vaccine. And to help this program and advocacy the city's mayor Oscar S. Rodriguez was on-hand with the ceremonies. Hundred guests flock the City Hall of San Fernando Pampanga to witness the opening day for Woman's Week Celebration.

It was a bright sunny Monday morning as the local officials and govermeent employees decked in bright yellow colors begun the celebration with the prayers and then sang the Philippine flag ceremony.

They also sang the "Kapangpangan Song" which is their traditional song for this community.

The Government officials San Fernando gave importance to this Woman's Week Celebration by bringing the topic about Cervical Cancer. It is a serious problem not only in the sector of Pampanga but all over the world. It is one of the main concerns that everyone shoudl take this importance as any female relative might have caught the illness. Everyone could be in danger if there is no prevention at the early stage.

We should take upon ourselves to be educated and well informed our mothers, sisters, grand mothers or people we care everyday. Special the women in our lives needs to be informed to fight this cause.

Mayor Oscar "Oca" S. Rodriguez had put the importance in his speech that "Habitat of Human Excellence for better quality of life." is the main focus for this week's Woman Celebration. As a servant leader of his community he has won an award for good governance recognized by the Harvard University soon to be awarded on September 22, 2010.

Cervical cancer is a serious illness which puts 27 million Filipino Women at risk. For the reason GSK was also there to support the awareness, which they had had vaccination program. This was witnessed by the officials as well people from GSK with celebrity Pia Magalona (the wife of former Francis Magalona) also there to support the event. She was also vocal of the importance of vaccination as taken this opportunity to give back what she has learned from having a cancer victim in her family.

The press conference was held in the office of the mayor and GlaxoSmithKline Philippines representatives, where there to answers the questions by the media. POGS Rural Helth Director, DR. Rey delos Reyes was also there to support this event.

To explain Cervical Cancer it caused by a chronic and persistent cancer-causing type of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection. It is a silent killer for the reason at an early stage this was taken importance to promote the vaccinations. This will give protection to this highly infectious disease.

To spread awareness we can promote this our social networks and via word of mouth to our friends and the local community that this advocacy never ends in this blog. But it begins by being educated every which way we can.

Because you'll never know that this "silent killer" may lurk upon us and take away our love ones.

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  1. Thank you for featuring this event. It just extends the purpose of the event to give importance to women not only in Pampanga, but to the entire nation and world.

    Thank you!