Friday, September 3, 2010

Roca & Kitchie Good Friends For Life.

09.03.2010 - Its been more than a year since Kitchie Nadal and Roca Cruz had ventured to Europe, Middle East, and the United States.

Its hard to keep track of them if you've become a aprat of their lives. Mostly with Roca that I miss her warm company...

If there is any mentor or manager to handle Kitchie Nadal's career its Roca. You'll feel that Batman won't be around for Robin. A basic analogy on how I see them together. for most of 2008 to 2009 I was there not for Kitchie's gigs but for the warm company. I feel that I've become a part of their lives in a small way as they had an impact in my life in a big way.

I used to be just a fan of Kitchie Nadal, but changed because of Roca. Though it won't be unfortunate for me to hear the news that Roca is somewhere in Canada. I'm surprised that her young talented ward is back home.

Kitchie's back and its strange Roca is not with her. Though as they say "The only thing that is permanent... Is change." as she won't back until two years from now.

I miss already the bonding at the old Tapa's restaurant a business formerly owned by Kitchie's brother. Its been a while since I had contacted the people who became Kitchie's friends. A lot of things has changed since she was gone for more than a year.

For now talkin' to Roca won't be that difficult as I get to chat with her online. Probably I might be the one who will be able to go visit her their in Canada someday, since a relative of mine resides in that country.

Its great to hear from Roca again, but life here won't be the same without her around Kitchie. Though I'm glad to have met Roca not her manager but one of my close friends.

Thank you Roca for being there hoping your reading this. ;-)

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