Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Karate Kid Saturday.

Saturdays has become special days. I don't want to work on weekends. It's something about this day that makes me forget about work.

Honestly its the opposite now that I've been mostly home since March. But all things considered...

It was quite an eventful to about this Saturday. I was in two place at once in separate times. Getting myself to Mall of Asia doing quick rounds at Toy kingdom, which I spotted the A-Team toys. This currently profession being an adventurer has left financially down, but not out as it also help me manage to experience what is to not to spend money in these things.

After a quick getaway and unloading stuff back home and changing to my Wax on. Wax off shirt, which has the face of Mr. Miyagi printed on it. I headed to SM Megamall meeting up with Tim, Billy, and his younger sister at Toy Kingdom. It was quick discussion of the pod cast project.

Eventually after meeting up went straight to the cinema, which I was almost late for the red carpet advance screening of The Karate Kid.

I already missed the cocktails, but not the trailers as I stepped inside. These days whenever there's a special screening we where highly advised to leave any electronic devices at the door.

The only seats not taken was near the big screen. No choice but to get comfy for the next two hours. After the movie I spotted Filipino celebrities being ambushed by the media for interview. Its good I'm not one of them to be hit with that spotlight, but its surely is crazy as some of the my close friend where quite entertained.

I just stayed in the sidelines as I speak to interesting people who I became close with. I haven't been this excited to see a movie produced by Will Smith in a long time. Another Saturday has gone and the weekend just began.

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