Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Great GC Saturday Saver.

If your tight and trying to save money the gift checks would be considred your friend. Definitely the next best thing to not having a credit card...

Though its a rare privilage to acquire GCs, but they surely are a handy pieces of paper. Just case in point during yesterday (Saturday) for the duration of the day. The only thing I spend was a lunch at Spaghetti House. For the rest of the evening it was just a couple of GCs I used where from Sodexho, which I bought for shirts at SM department stores.

The dinner was courtesy of Yoshinoya, where there was a Gyudon Eating Contest a friend handed me a coupled of those GCs.

For the other half of that Sodexho bought the only action figure. Namely Darth Maul the villain from star Wars Episode One. The little red truck is going to one lucky kid at home.

I got a couple of free comics at Fully Booked at the Fort Bonifacio High Street earlier due to their FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. This is one of those rare days where I don't need to pull out cash on my very deep pockets.

Again thank you for blessings Another awesome productive weekend. Definitely yes!

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