Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ahon Party List.

I learned less what's the role of a party list until I got the chance to meet one of them. Namely Ahon is number #52. One of the party lists who are candidates this year. They mostly geared to focus on helping the OFWs, which was overlooked and was not given attention on how much they have contributed to the country's economy.

Ahon is an independent party list conceived by Dante Ang Jr. endorsed by Mr. Lauro Vizconde a personal family friend, who's backing up the support for the group. Ahon is not only focused in helping the OFWS, but also other sectors like the farmers. They also plan to put up livelihood programs especially the unfortunate, but has the instinct to survive. Though without the capital to put up their own business.

This is Ahon's second time to run, but they didn't have to focus on the first election. Because they where not affiliated with the administration. During that time resources and funding was not enough, but they where thankful that Mr. Vizconde and other friends helped to push the candidacy of Ahon.

They have 5 important programs they're pushing for thus year's election.

1. Collateral - free loan up to PhP1 Million.

2. Education - study now, pay later plan for college.

3. An affordable but good housing project for everyone.

4. The return of the coconut levy fund for the legitimate and deserving coconut farmers.

5. "Good Governance" and decent jobs for the Filipino people.

So if you haven't taken a look on this year's party lists. I suggest you take a closer look on this year's candidates, and as of now there is no OFW party list who had such focus this sector.

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