Friday, April 16, 2010

Gloriaquino vs. Villaroyo?

When you read about the presidential candidates these day its hard to choose the one, that speaks out of your mind. With the black propaganda happening left in right it gets difficult to finding the truth between each one of them. Some might not talk about them religiously who they want. Others would just stay silent, and decide their votes on election day instead. I'm accounted for those who stay silent until the day I cast my vote, but honestly I don't have anyone in mind right now just like the few who stayed quiet.

Gloriaquino vs. Villaroyo

Strange but there's too many contradictions between the reports about the headline on Gloriaquino vs. Villaroyo news. You tend to get lost in the stories if some are made up or if its for real. It gets unclear when there's a lot of news popping around the story tying up these politicians. Its like I'm your friend today and your my enemy tomorrow. Sadly some are left in a state of blank and others loose interest, that some pretend they never heard of it.

All I can say if you know who's the right one for the country then vote for the right guy. I mean we are all entitled to vote who we want, but for those innocent bystanders are left out of the dark. Please have mercy not to blind them with the guessing game of who's the bad guy/good guy story. Not everyone follows what's goes around which comes around. For all good governing let's be fair... But seriously I'm not well versed about what's really happening. So I'm one of those innocent ones who are left in the dark.

One case is the Villaroyo tag hurt Manny Villar news about the senator. All I can say if you react to it there must be something happening, but sometimes we get our wings clipped for those reactions. Though we are only human to feel hurt, but either way reactions matters if you show it. Imagine last year's video scandal between a doctor, a beautiful actress, and that hot sex siren. Take a guess which one got the most favors when it comes to career advancement?

The actress was the one on the video, but haven't you heard her reactions if she got hurt about it? I mean you heard most from the sex siren throwing words with the that buffed doctor right? Now look at that actress who was in the first video, she's got it made right? She didn't show or say anything, and her career soared leaving those who reacted left to be forgotten.

Maybe this example would help the senator, even if his ratings goes down being tagged as what raised some eyebrows about his connection to the president. What I'm trying to say is if you react on something they'll put you in the spotlight, and that's going to show your weakness. But there's a right way to react if the news is not accurate too. It depends on how would you take that reaction, and not show the "hurt" side of things.


This news really gives me a headache. Gloriaquino story is really gonna raise some issues about the senator's past judgments and decisions. There goes the magnifying lens at you and the allegations, but you can't avoid it unless you clarify it directly and I mean news are news. If you have doubts about it give it straight, because everyone has their own skeletons in the closet. These days either you come clean or just dust it off under your carpet, but make sure those dust stays hidden.


Branding the senator as Mr Villaroyo is like raising the idea, that I should watch Star Wars Episodes 1 to 3 instead. Though there where lots of news, and talks on the street about the senator being tied with the president. Its like Anakin Skywalker is connected to Palpatin (who eventually is known as Darth Sidious who was main bad guy in the movie). I'm just giving you my take how I looked about this news story. But seriously if there's such claims that he's connected we will never know.

As the day counts to May 10th the mud slings continue to pile up, and those innocent voters are left in the middle, who really is running out of options to choose. They should show something constructive for the development of country. In the end the only winner is the Filipino voter. Who will make the decision on who's going to sit there, and fix the problems this country has endured for so long.

Sadly with the ratings affecting these politicians its also their end, and its how they bring themselves to the masses.

Being the observer I'm still not going to say, who's the home team I'm going root for until May 10th. Now that I see more of these coming it leaves a bad taste in some of our mouths. So I wait and see until the storm clears. As for the media who's bringing the news I wish they show the positive side in each of these candidates.

All I'm reading right now is not really news worthy. Yes exposing their past wrong decisions is long dead. Let's see what they can do to out weigh those mistakes.

Everyone is entitled to their second chances. If they do get that chance make it count.

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