Friday, April 30, 2010

Noynoy Aquino & Hacienda Luisita.

You've got the whole country at your attention, and the more you get popular everyday others tend to think what have you contributed to put your name on the map. A name is important to be known, but do you have to bank on the name of your family's legacy?

People would be blinded about what separates you from the legacy, that your family has built. Of course you've got to have your own identity to add to that legacy. I may not know your story, that's why some have no voice to say it. what have you done for this country that they will your vote on you?

Hacienda Luisita is a great tragedy. It spans from the time your mother's family side had acquired the land, and had promised that a part of it will be awarded to the farmers. It has been unresolved since then and it will haunt your family and your name for the rest of your life.

Many lives had been lost and it has fallen on deaf ears. No matter if you own part of it or even if its just 1% percent. It will cast a shadow on your race for presidency or may be a part of your achilles' heel.

Noynoy is urged to solve Hacienda Luisita and its a better time he does address this as it is going to test his political will. If any case he becomes the president of this country, and resolves on the first day of his job as a leader. Because its the right time he does resolve this issue, becuase if he doesn't then he is nothing more than a man with words but no real promises.

Noynoy plans for Hacienda Luisita and based on what I'm reading I'm still not convinced about what he says. Its been a long time these farmers where promised, but all those promises where all broken. Too add insult to injury a lot had died in 2004. Its not about making promises in words but its time he makes the action, because times is running out.

Though as I read about the story of Hacienda Luisita I also understand, that its not an easy task to solve this complex issue. It will take time but with that Noynoy must show what he's got to come out on his own, but not riding in his family's legacy. Because of all the people running as president he's the only have doubts if he could become the rightful leader.

Talk is good but as an individual you have to back up what you got. You see corruption everywhere, but you don't see your own issues within your family that makes your own legacy unproven.

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