Friday, April 30, 2010

The 24 hours of Iron Man.

Today was the most exhausting day of our lives. I haven't been home in the last twenty four hours after Tim V. invited me to watch Iron Man 2 at midnight. I decided to miss the doughnut event, but was able to get things prepared Thursday night.

Its Tim's first time to guest on a live broadcast, but he has been into these TV interviews before. This one is live broadcast and he just needs assistance.

Pretty much the adventure in the movie house was a different one hanging out with his family. I'm still trying to absorb the movie, and be overwhelmed at the same time. After seeing the film we headed to meet up with Billy A. at Mcdonald's Katipunan. Spending an hour there while Tim updates his personal review of the movie.

Then we headed to the studio and my waking hours has been shall we say a normal one like no other. I've been into these TV guesting before and has been previously working in a call center. So gravy departments are a thing of a past during these nights.

So I leave the part where the TV interview began. I just can't believe ABS-CBN really hired a guy from Marvel who had worn the suit.

Quite expensive for an armor and this not amateur cosplay folks.

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