Thursday, January 25, 2018

Safety Footwear | Jackeroo Sonic

01.25.2018 – In Australia safety in the workplace is one of the important reasons why this is the standard for businesses to succeed.

When working in workshops that carry things safety shoes is one of the gears you need to get the job done.

Benchmark Products is best known for the Jackeroo brand and has manufactured a range of safety shoes that is exclusively available at Kmart.

Taking a look at Jackeroo’s Sonic appears to be a casual wear, but it’s actually a safety shoe that helps you get the work done at the same time a casual wear for the great outdoors.

Most safety shoes have been designed exclusively for the work wear in construction or anything related to things that might fall on your feet. Some of them are expensive and rarely available anywhere. But in Australia any retail store might have the safety shoes that you need. Though what makes it competitive is the price as not all safety shoes are equal when it comes to the cost or quality of the product.

Safety and Casual

Jackeroo produced the “Sonic” safety shoes originally for the outdoors and like anywhere in the harsh environment you need the right footwear for the job. The “Sonic” safety shoes by Jackeroo can pass up as an ordinary sneaker, but the design is smart, safe and for the casual individual who works in the trade industry.

The conventional sneaker won’t even last for the harsh environment if you’re into heavy duty work. The design might appear generic but what you’re after for this shoe is the benefit to where you work or the places you go that would adapt to the environment. Sometimes you have to sacrifice aesthetics for quality.

Affordability and Demand

Like any consumer people look for quality and right price for their budget and Jackeroo might be the one that ticks off the check boxes in what you’re looking for in a safety shoe. Comparing it to the other standard safety shoe out there Jackeroo has the best price when it comes to affordability with the “Sonic.”

It’s exclusively available at Kmart and can’t be found anywhere else and this might be the most affordable safety shoe that also can be an everyday work wear that can be casual for daily use beside its primary use for wearing it for work.

Overall Jackeroo “Sonic” aesthetic is fairly common design, but can pass up not being noticed as a safety shoe. Though it’s obvious for its large round upper and it’s actually outdoor footwear that can take any harsh environment out there. The only noticeable concern is the creases in the heel. But other than that it gets the job done for the trade industry retailed at $55.00 AUD or PHP 2,090.00 pesos manufactured by Benchmark Products and exclusively available at Kmart stores across Australia.

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