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TV Review | The Adventures of Supergirl

10.11.2016 – Welcome to the second season beginning with “The Adventures of Supergirl” to start a new narrative for National City based ‘The Girl of Steel.’ The much anticipated kick-off episode also introduces the ‘Arrowverse’ version of Superman portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin.

This is also the debut of its new series being aired in the US on The CW from last season’s CBS. The new season had many upgrades besides adding Superman as a guest cast and it wasn’t that obvious until it was finally aired.

WARNING SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the first episode of the second season “The Adventures of Supergirl” please avoid this review as it contains the plot and what happened in this show. If you have finally seen it read the review below.

During its premiere season when it was being aired on CBS last season, Supergirl was a budding bubbly show that had teen flick vibe written all over. It’s less of how the other ‘Arrowverse’ shows was that’s California bright for the reason all the episodes where shot in Los Angeles. But after it was being renewed for a second season and being moved to The CW it had a drastic change that was obvious from the opening intro and after the last scene from the last episode of season one.

One of those changes aside from the longer intro is the new DEO headquarters, which was unknowingly not mentioned in the previous episodes, have been existed located within National City. It’s like Supergirl was the only one who did not get a notice that there’s a DEO headquarters near her adopted sister’s apartment.

The Super Family

The theme that built this series was ‘family’ now that Hank Henshaw aka J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter is now part of Kara Danver’s circle of friends. But the addition of Superman finally not as a pair of boots or a silhouette makes his appearance even having past connections to J'onn J'onzz unmentioned last season makes an interesting narrative.

Tyler Hoechlin portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman is what the fans are looking forward to and he did not disappoint, but he’s too nice like adding a bit of sauce on being too perfect. Overall Hoechlin owned the character despite the first press images didn’t maker him look like the Man of Steel, but after seeing this he got it down pat to take the reigns in portraying Kal-El and if wish list can come true I’d like to see him and Ray Palmer in one scene that would be something right?

Though Hoechlin only signed for two episodes for Supergirl can he make an appearance to the other ‘Arrowvers’ shows? If you’re a fan and watches all these shows you’d cross your toes and fingers for it right?

Kara Danvers-Cat Grant Chemistry

What makes the series ever more interesting is Callista Flockhart’s Cat Grant even though she almost ruled out not being part of this series after it was going to be moved to Vancouver the LA-based actress is still a very important cast member of the series. It makes Kara Danvers more human and the student-mentor relationship is an interesting part of the show without Flockhart it won’t be Supergirl in the first place.

Last season they where still trying to make the connection, but for the opening episode of the second season they finally have some chemistry.

Up up and away?

The episode have a lot of moving parts compared to the first season that had less elements concerning Superman that they try to veer away from since the DC Extended Universe had him as its main character. The second season was off to a great start and it opened a new can of worms with new characters like Lena Luthor and Cat Grant’s new assistant Eve Teschmacher adding to the mix Supergirl starts to be more interesting like season one did not exist.

Now the tie-up with the ‘Arrowverse’ shows won’t happen until the major crossover sometime in December with Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Overall the show cements itself after moving from CBS to The CW without having issues after its transition they should keep Callista Flockhart to the mix even though there are now added new faces for this season.

Superman was great but for only two episodes like ‘they loaned him’ from the DC Extended Universe, which let’s hope he’s not a temporary character even though his costume doesn’t appear like what was expected. Colleen Atwood should have adapted Superman’s costume from the New 52 with a collar minus the ‘cape plaster,’ but the suit surely grows on you when the focus is on the narrative of the show.

The second episode will be more interesting now that Metallo is revealed to be the big bad for the next one. The pacing is just right, Superman should ease the sauce on the niceness Tyler Hoechlin is all good as Kal-El evne though he’s shorter than James Olsen. Entirely great season opener for the Girl of Steel.

“Supergirl” is aired in the Philippines through the ETC Channel, and it’s streamed on HooQ TV that includes all the episodes from Season One.

RATED: 3 out of 5 Stars

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