Friday, September 30, 2016

Microsoft x PenBrothers | Thriving in Co-Working Spaces

09.30.2016 – The office work space is changing due to the demand and infusion of the latest technology where what was once complicated is now flexible. Microsoft is leading the effort to support and empower small, start-up businesses in the workplace.

The partnership with Microsoft and PenBrothers showcase how the latest cloud technology combined a new working environment can offer. This was reveal during the launch at the PenBrothers office how they take advantage and gets the benefit in using Microsoft’s latest Office 365 E5.

Five individuals representing Microsoft and PenBrothers discuss both companies role in the collaboration. From the use of Microsoft’s latest software like the Office 365 E5 and the functionality of the latest Windows 10 talking about Cortana’s assistance and PenBrothers role in this partnership, which also reveal the hardware they are using in their workplace with the support of Dell Computers.

Collaborating in Co-working Space

An ever changing environment in the workplace is due to the technology being used. The openness in collaboration and consistent sustainability in a community in a shared working environment where the coffee shop meets the office cubicle defines what a co-working space is what looks like now. This is the result of a goal to come up with strategies to better deal with risks and challenges that gives a co-working space new and more flexible types of work.

Everyone will have the inclusivity that can open experiences to a wider range of people and businesses is one of Microsoft’s dream to reach out not limited to one country, but all over the world. Not only for big established enterprises, Microsoft is also support and empowers the growth of small, start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, that also includes freelancers by offering those tools and technology that can help in opening opportunities and expand horizons.

The improved cloud technology that Office 365 has to offer also includes files, documents, and data can be created, edited and shared through any devices is now possible. Its either you use a PC, MAC, iOS device, Android or Windows everything now is in real time. This makes the businesses connect efficiently with customers and co-workers with a wider range of communication tools. With 1TB per user space is no longer a problem because files are now stored online. It’s now possible to share with people in or outside the company, wherever, whatever.

Flexible Space for Productive Solutions

Penbrothers is one co-working space that not only offers a ‘space’ for renters but also finds and manages services to help companies reach new goals and solve current problems. It seeks to help businesses in the Philippines tackle operational needs and reach their goals, whether it is to expand internationally, grow the company or simply need consulting from an outside expert.

With many co-working spaces now cropping up in the metro, Penbrother’s main differentiation from the rest is its top operational services that provides a full suite of human resources services and strong legal assistance that helps companies in their day to day business. And now, with their partnership, where Microsoft applications are showcased in Dell laptops and devices to offer a better office technology experience for their renters, Penbrothers steps up the game in the co-working business.

Microsoft’s partnership with Penbrothers aims to enable employees with the right technology, support and work environment that empowers them to be more productive and efficient and thus preparing them for a new world of work.

One tool that Microsoft offers to Penbrothers residents is the Windows 10 Pro for Business, an upgrade from the Windows 10 Home that enables businesses to do great things from anywhere, has the built-in security and flexibility to keep up with business growth. It is safer and more secure, with enhanced encryption that protect companies from modern security threats. Windows 10 Pro Business gives agile, cost-effective features that help companies better manage and protect systems and data.

Showcasing Microsoft’s cloud, productivity, and collaboration via Dell’s newest line of gadgets, companies residing in Penbrothers are given access to new capabilities that will not just do work faster, but also reinvent how things are done and communicated. As Office 365’s intelligent cloud and other features can be used in different devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones, this helps workers with their need to seamlessly connect, interact, and share with one another, highlighting the essence of an effective co-working.

But this is just the beginning. With the growth of entrepreneurship and startups in the country, Microsoft is looking forward to enabling more co-working space partnerships and thrives in this innovative space.

Know more about Microsoft and its Windows 10 Pro for Business, Office 365, and Cloud offering, log on to Microsoft.

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