Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tim Duncan | #ThankYouTD

07.12.2016 – The NBA will never be the same again, well probably for those who grew up watching the games in the 1990s. Tim Duncan, the greatest Spur ever has decided to hang up his sneakers after nineteen seasons with one team early today.

There’s no one like Tim Duncan, who was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs as their first pick in 1997. ‘The Big Fundamental’ was no bigger than the team, and he was unlike any player in this present era could be like the great Tim Duncan.

It would be bittersweet for those who followed him become from ‘Rookie of the Year’ to a 5-Time NBA Champion earning Two Finals MVP Award. The quiet stoic 6’11 Center/Forward was not in it for the spotlight. He was here to play games and win championships, which he delivered in those nineteen seasons.

He’s the player everyone wanted in their team and was consistent making appearance in the playoffs all nineteen seasons of his career. Some already calls him the greatest power forward ever and without a doubt he earns that moniker. There will never be another Tim Duncan and being one of the elite players in the 1990s following Kobe Bryant’s retirement after the end of the regular season he’s the last but a few of his breed being known as a ‘franchise player.’

But I never rooted for him when they first made it to their first NBA Finals. I was rooting for Patrick Ewing and the Knicks to win in 1999. For those who followed that series we already know that health was the key factor that gave them the chance to surpass the New York Knicks and take home the title.

In the 2014 NBA Finals I was rooting for the Spurs after the heart breaker the previous season with the Miami Heat. I even dined at the NBA Café with a relative who haven’t seen in years just to watch the series unfold. Memories of Tim Duncan will never be forgotten he was the last of his kind as a true ‘franchise player’ who stuck with one team after so many years. No doubt the only one left standing now is Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki wearing one uniform for so long not counting the remaining journeymen who where drafted in the 1990s.

This might not be the last we’ll see of Tim Duncan, but for this week he will be the discussion in the forums and Facebook group pages that talks about the sport. There’s nothing like him who has mastered the bank shot and all we can say #ThankYouTD.

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