Friday, July 22, 2016

Delamar Announced Leaving The Morning Rush.

07.22.2016 – Delanar Arias or for most part of Philippine Radio she’s known simply a Del has been the partner of Chico Garcia on Monster Radio RX93.1 FM. For twenty years the duo has been the voices behind The Morning Rush radio show.

They added Gino Quillamor to the roster that would become a triumvirate of talented voices equal parts very much entertaining. Early this morning Delamar announced that this will be her last week on radio and they say it’s the ‘End of an Era.’

For everything that happens in this world its true nothing lasts forever unless you’re someone who just seems to be stuck in a loop. But life do change and for more part of The Morning Rush that won’t change until Delamar said this will be her last week on the longest running morning show on Philippine radio.

There’s always a beginning and an ending of the story it’s just happens that Delamar is giving her listeners the chance to tune-in and say your goodbyes. If you missed out what went down this morning here’s an audio clip courtesy of J Rhyan:

For all the well known DJs of RX, Delamar started out as one of the three newscasters on radio who was assigned in the morning that would become the other half of ‘The Morning Rush” in the 1996. In-between that they moved to another radio station and came back to cement as one of the iconic morning shows on Philippine radio.

Delamar for more of her time as a radio DJ was the constant individual who had the most stories in real life that includes becoming a parent, and now set to leave the show for good. Twitter was slowly trending that ‘this is not a drill’ and have announced that her last show will be on July 29th a Friday.

Chico and Gino the two-thirds of the show knew this was coming, and personally for those who have slowly accepted this says nothing but the best for Delamar Arias. So for those who is not in the know tune-in starting this Monday.

Probably you might convince her to stay… Or just wish on her way out.

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