Sunday, July 24, 2016

Comic-Con 2016 | Justice League Sizzling Trailer

07.24.2016 – This just in and if you think DC Comics is way behind with their Extended Universe maybe you might want to take a second look. There’s always going to be a knee jerk reaction what people immediately would say.

But Comic-Con International is steamrolling with a lot of updates. Its past 3 AM in the morning on the other side of the world and we’re just about to head to bed when Zach Snyder drops the bomb on the sizzler with Justice League well now…

The trailer is a Comic-Con Exclusive it’s a sizzler if you’re that much going for that. It’s been months since BvS has been scrutinized and Geoff Johns is slowly righting the ship for DC Comics’ Extended Universe.

Now it’s San Diego Comic-con and some have been anticipating the panels and some surprises. I’m sure Zack Snyder has something out of his bag that was supposed from those who went to the convention. But Warner Bros was gracious to beat those who where inside the hall in posting this little nugget:

I guess I’m not going to bed pretty soon and I though Wonder Woman trailer was that interest, but it is and now Justice League has given more than a good rocking soundtrack and a quip by Bruce Wayne saying that Arthur Curry knows how to talk to fishes.

Ohh… Almost forgot… Ezra Miller is an interesting Flash can’t wait for 2017.

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