Sunday, June 19, 2016

5 Things You Missed at Vibrant Music & Paint Fest!

06.19.2016 – There have been high profile concerts or music fest out there, but few would be seen as wildly entertaining or even often talked about after having the experience of a lifetime that might sounded outrageously absurd.

But last night’s Vibrant Music Fest was something creatively playful and probably having their bench marked for an outdoor rave party hardly ever experience by some crowd who missed what could be an impressive one that has something to do with getting yourself doused with actual paint not that powdered paint was excessive.

Vibrant Music Fest provided not just the best seat in the house held at the Globe Circuit Grounds, but also for those who are into music fests the experience of a rave party rarely done outdoors. The staff and crew that make up what is the something outrageously fun about this event is what make it vibrantly interesting

Most of the folks who have experience rave parties would attest that back in the day they where held indoors. If it was outdoors its bands and high profile performance by well known foreign or even local artists. But Vibrant Music Fest takes the concept of an outdoor concert, rave party, and what a music fest would have namely food stalls with sponsors having their interactive booths for concert goers having a ‘chill’ time. But that didn’t end that way because this event was aiming to make everyone jump to their feet and have a definitely good time.

Of course there FIVE interesting things that was seen and experience and here are those interesting moments that’s absolutely eye catching.

It’s Starts with a Blast of Colorful Paint

The headline is this event is “Vibrant Music and Paint Festival.” At first the idea is that it is a music festival that involves arts & crafts or a live painting of well known visual artists. But it turns out it’s about getting the “Wet Paint Look” that gets everyone doused with all that paint just like some running event last month, though the difference with that one is powdered not getting blasted with colorful liquids that you’ll end up feeling like being slimed.

Dancers and Wild Performance on stage

You have two hosts featuring Victor Pring and Ronthug as your main MC hyoing the crowd in a frenzy. There are also dancers and one singer that made every performance matter. Then you have fire breathing and fireworks twisting performance with this guy on stage that certainly light up the crowd.

A Wild Unicorn Dude Appears

Nothing like a group of people coming in and having a good time that makes this event an interesting place that most you’ll ever see is one individual standing out just like this Wild Unicorn Dude just simply waved “Hi” while this image was taken.

Joyce Pring Was a Painter Last Night

Radio DJ and Host Joyce Pring was among the personalities in last night’s event spectacle not only as one of the guests, but also a supportive sister to Victor Pring who was one of the two main MCs. The other part of her presence was just having fun and at the same time well in-tuned with the crowd dancing and of course spraying paint that certainly catch everyone’s attention.

Every DJ had their High Notes

If you missed last night’s Vibrant Music Fest one of the two highs of the event is the DJs unique approach in getting the crowd engaged and experiencing good nature fun in these rave parties. One of them had drums as part of his set that got everyone pretty much dancing while being doused with paint. The other was the high point of her set that stands out with a violin performance before she closed out her show that’s pretty much impressive and quite different from the traditional club DJs.

Overall the event was wild and interesting when the high point of the show where the main DJs got everyone in the groove. Rave Republic was on point that made everyone in euphoria with their set. There was no downside just the in-between DJ’s changing was the part where everything took a breather and it wasn’t a bad thing.

The event stated past 7 PM and the place wasn’t packed immediately but the crowd build up slowly started to grow when the highlighted DJs took to the stage. It was a unique event on its own and Vibrant Music and Paint Festival made it all happen.

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