Sunday, May 29, 2016

Running + Rave Party | CM Blacklight Run

05.29.2016 – Color Manila has been organized events that promote the fun about running at the same time social interaction among the youth. Their trademark running events has something to do with getting powdered.

The CM Blacklight Run is one of Color Manila’s famous running event and its held at night not morning, which is something rare at the same is also a rave party. What stands out in this event is the concept of getting doused by high pressured water and then getting dusted by colorful powdered in each part of the course.

It’s a great concept and 10K is the most you can register which takes you to varying course at night. There have been stationed areas distributing water the only downside for those who doesn’t have a larger bladder is there’s no Portalette, where you can ease up the liquids you consumed.

But overall its an event that doesn’t take itself seriously about tracking your running times its more of a “fun run” that certainly gives you the experience of being powdered, but the first two parts of the course you’ll be doused by high pressured water from the fire trucks the organizers has hired to do. It’s one of those unique running events that doubles also as rave party that most of the people in the age group are younger partly enjoy good music and do socializing.

It’s a fun experience that you should try it out but for the occasional serious runner its not a place you’d be competitive about and if you haven’t seen this event see more of the images captured before the gun start and the after party:

Color Manila’s Blacklight Run is a ‘fun run’ entirely for the youth, which is right with the concept of being dusted with colorful powder at the same time getting entertained by the rave party side that stands out as one of the unique running events in the Philippines held at night.

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