Monday, March 14, 2016

Bonsai Tree Exhibit at Ayala Triangle Gardens!

03.14.2016 – “Bonsai” is a practice of planting trees in a tray has been sort of an art form in Japan for thousands of years. China and Vietnam have their own terminologies in planting small trees in a tray, but the most familiar is from Japan.

If you’ve watch the original Karate Kid from the 1980s Mr. Miyagi portrayed the great Pat Morita shows that this is one of his hobbies, which was part of the narrative in the third film. There’s an art of “Bonsai” event also happening at Ayala Triangle.

For those who are looking for something to do this summer having a “bonsai” tree in the house probably is also a good therapy, but in case you have no idea Ayala Triangle Gardens is hosting an exhibit today and here are some images below:

This was taken early this morning and they are just setting up some of the best “Bonsai” trees” by private owners that will be on exhibit today.

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