Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Press Film Review: Fantastic 4!

08.05.2015 – Fantastic 4 is the series that put Marvel on the map during the 1960s and it’s the series that jumpstarted the silver age comics. It is the first super team and at the same time reinvigorated the superhero genre from the house of ideas.

It’s more popular than the Avengers and an iconic superhero team second only to the X-Men. Now 20th Century Fox has rebooted this franchise for its third film that has been discussed when the studio announced to produce it seven years ago…

The film itself was much talked about when they announced production has started, but kept the behind the scenes production very much airtight. But in this social media generation the studio should have had the chance for the fans to give critics and probably suggestions on how this film should move forward.

For all its sincere honesty the promotion for this film was trying to keep expectations down at the same time hoping it would appeal to those who never entirely knew about the Fantastic 4. In its intent to bring a reboot seemed to be a daunting challenge for those who have written the story at the same time try to deviate itself as their vision what Fantastic 4 should be.

If the post-production images of the X-Men has been recently been talked about having mixed reaction, Fantastic 4 had more having talked about the controversy on how the writers and director has hammered down the idea for this film.

It’s 20th Century Fantastic

There has been less details about what this new Fantastic 4 is all about, and 20th Century Fox was very much having a leash so tight on the information that there’s a little bit of let down for this film.

Honestly the premise is interesting despite the change on Johnny Storm/Human Torch’s race the visual expects is a definite upgrade from Rise of the Silver Surfer. Human Torch definitely ‘flame on’ and Benjamin Grimm is The Thing that Michael Chiklis had lack in size.

Visually the effects have definitely improved from the last two films, but it takes more than mere impression to the final product really faired with everyone. A movie has many moving parts and visual effects are just sum of its parts.

Science Fiction Meets Disaster Movie

Fantastic 4 is a sci-fi adventure genre because the characters origins has something to do with space travel. But as previous revelation of this film in its promotional trailers space travel is replaced the plot to inter-dimensional travel to the negative zone.

Commending how the screenplay is written by Jeremy Slater, Simon Kinberg, and Josh Trank, who also directed this film to make it their vision is challenging. But changing the way Fantastic 4 was into their perspective might be pushing it.

This has heavy sci-fi elements to the point it’s dragging both of its limbs to the finish line. At first when it was still on its principal photography there was already speculation and even a conspiracy theory for the reason this was made. Its because 20th Century Fox doesn’t want the rights for Fantastic 4 to reverted back to Marvel. But after this was made it felt desperate, maybe its time to return this one to be put back to bed.

We’re All Doomed

The actors really portrayed the characters but they appear with less emotion. They are all too serious enough as to compare to the last two films made them a little bit animated. But for this new Fantastic 4 they don’t appear to be flawed humans gifted with extraordinary powers.

Well for Dr. Doom if you’ve seen the photos some already know what they think. Despite not trying to read or see any of the PR materials this one was way below and you’ll start to appreciate even though Galactus was just a cloud Rise of the Silver Surfer was a little bit impressive.

Everything was great visually with effects and all but what made this film go off the wagon is how it dragged enough to feel like it wasn’t fantastic. It may be vying for the forgettable superhero film for 2015.

Lost in the Negative Zone

Overall with all the impressive sets and visuals what made this go off the rails has already been happening since they started making a third Fantastic 4. The first family of superheroes was THE cornerstone for Marvel, but this one is more of a sci-fi disaster film than it was intended to be based from a comic book series.

Fantastic 4" opens in Philippine cinemas on August 5, 2015 from 20th Century Fox distributed locally by Warner Bros. Picture Studios.

RATED: 2 out of 5 Stars

NOTE: This film is screened privately in advance by invitation from 20th Century Fox through Warner Bros. Pictures. This is reviewed and rated personally to build interest about the film.

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