Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Reel Review: Minions!

07.08.2015 – The Minions spins off from the Despicable ME animated featured films with the success in 2010 and 2013 this little pill shaped, gibberish speaking yellow-skinned sort of creatures are out to take out the world in the big screen.

This is their breakout from Gru’s lair into the great unknown and this is not just a spin off it’s an origin sort of prequel story how they came to be.

This more like a retcon of how they where created ignoring that part where Gru actually created them.

The hype train has not stopped when The Minions where already being teased during the end credits of Despicable ME 2. They have almost stolen the show from Gru in the sequel and it not enough camera time to focus on these little cuddles. But the Minions won’t be these popular if not also for Gru.

Evidently if you have seen the teasers and a couple of trailers about The Minions their origin story looks overtly inaccurate but entertainingly insane. They’ve been around long enough but couldn’t keep their masters around due to their clumsiness in putting them out of their misery accidentally. It’s quite not what you expect until they met the Overkills namely Scarlett (Sandra Bullock) and Herb (Jon Hamm).

In this film it focus on the story about a trio of Minions named Bob, Kevin, and Stuart who got too bored living in seclusion along with the other Minions after killing off their last Master. The journey of these three certainly is not a smooth one though you can get the picture how everything went down after things went out of hand.

Mainly the Minions won’t be entertaining if not for the human interaction. Jon Hamm as Herb Overkill is impressive as Michael Keaton’s Walter Nelson. But Sandra Bullock needs to do more voice as Scarlett Overkill sounded like she needed to be as impressive to the Minions and why Steve Carrel’s Gru was the legitimate master.

Overall the Minions are great expansion of the origins of these creatures at the same time its growing popularity to sell some more merchandise and to eat more Happy Meals to collect them all. But at the end of the day they won’t be this popular if not for the human interactions. This is the reason why there’s still a need a balance for a great narrative to work and not just all about The Minions.

The Minions is now playing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Universal Studios distributed by United International Pictures though Columbia Pictures Philippines.

RATED: 4 out of 5 Stars

NOTE: This review is not sponsored nor endorsed by United International Pictures or Columbia Pictures Philippines. This film is reviewed, rated personally and not to promote in selling the film.

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