Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Reel Review: The Unassuming Spy!

05.19.2015 – There’s something mighty interesting about Mellissa McCarthy’s latest romp to the big screen with “Spy” and as most have been seen the film this is her best role to date which seemingly appear inappropriate for her that has become interesting.

This is Paul Feig’s third film as director for McCarthy having Bridesmaids and The Heat under his belt it seems the team up of writer/director and actress has built such chemistry that around these two that makes a good film to watch and here’s why…

On the first sight of the teaser it appears to be a nonsense parody of “Spy” films inspired by previous ones on this genre that includes most of the elements what defined James Bond as THE grand daddy of spy films.

Paul Feig is becoming quite an interesting director helming a film that has Mellissa McCarthy on the lead role as just another analyst working for the CIA seems like a comedy hatched by a sinister mad man appears to be underwhelming for everyone not watching the film close its vest.

Not a “Spy” Parody

It might have elements of 007 and other films that followed but when you look at the teaser trailers and posters it appears that this is just mainly a random action comedy that implores elements of being a super spy.

This film wants to make you think it’s an action comedy that has Melissa McCarthy in it and just focus on watching Rose Byrne, Jason Statham, and Jude Law among others appearing as the spotlight for “Spy.” But then again McCarthy is the foil that you would ever wonder if this is just all of a big joke.

But Feig makes a strong case that with he some of its parts that make this film enjoyable to watch you’ll forget that this is just another parody that plays on to keep you from over thinking too much.

The McCarthy Effect

She’s on the rise after Bridemaids and in-between that she got to start opposite Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock on an equal ground that she almost stole The Heat and now you got her as some random CIA analyst.

For all her roles she has portrayed Melissa McCarthy’s Susan Cooper appears to be an underwhelming character just like the film itself. But then again when you look closely she has something there that would immediately surprise you.

There’s a saying don’t just the book by its cover and Susan Cooper is not just some random CIA analyst but this is one of Mellissa McCarthy’s best role to date. The other interesting part is that don’t take Jason Statham too seriously being known for the bad guy in the recent Fast & Furious film in this one he’s just plain serious.

Mission Accomplished?

Overall the underlying appearance of “Spy” doesn’t turn you off but gives you more curiosity why its such a ‘fun’ film to watch and Paul Feig wrote the character specifically for Melissa McCarthy and ever wonder if he’ll succeed an please the Ghostbusters fans about that much talked about reboot.

Indeed Feig will eventually succeed and let’s hope long time fans would give this man a chance as “Spy” stood as its own as one of the enjoyable films of this genre way ahead in the big screen before you check on Mission Impossible or the new James Bond film that’s heading to your nearest cinemas.

“Spy” opens in Philippine cinemas on May 21, 2015 from 20th Century Fox distributed by Warner Bros. Picture Studios!


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