Friday, May 22, 2015

Random Snaps: Flowers in the City!

05.22.2015 – When you’re near the city the feeling of convenience is way out there. A stone throw away food establishments are just a walk-in. Hall in a whole donut shops or underground book shops you’ve got it.

For anyone who has been working in the Central Business District sometimes you tend to slow down and smell the roses literally. While the further discussion is related to flowers if you haven’t noticed this city has them too you’re just not looking…

I’ve been around well-developed countries that make you wonder if the place is made of digital photo imaging software. From Australia, Korea and Singapore it must be a thrill just to see how different and comparable to your point of origin namely coming from the Philippines that’s been quite a tough crowd to appreciate.

But then again if you’re someone who’s been optimistic and finding that this city has not failed your perspective then you must have wide eye look that they this also has tried to still look good in the eye aside from looming and growing shadows of tall building there’s still some green left to look and some flowers too…

We should not put too much stress why there are less parks in this city, but rather appreciate what it still have and continue to remind those in the higher ups that the need for more greener area is big right now no tall building in a single bound will top it besides the future won’t be this good if there’s nothing left about it.

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