Friday, April 26, 2013

Blatant Card Schemes in Identity Thief!

04.26.2013 – Identity Thief happens for real and as portrayal in film is quite a bit exaggerated for its comedic plotline that stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy which prove that their acting chops and chemistry made this one of the good films to watch just to have some laughs.

In the real world Identity Thief is no laughing matter and it happens almost to everyone with destructive damage to your credit rating.

In the US they measure you as an individual through their credit rating.

The film takes the Identify Thief with comedic approach and Melissa McCarthy as the immediate suspect that she has a lot of baggage in her hands which includes fake credit cards that she produces in her portable machine.

Set in Florida our reluctant victim in Jason Bateman is certainly a battered man in this film and he did not disappoint in making everyone laugh.

He goes up at Melissa McCarthy’s character with sheer brutality like hitting a moving wall that caused you to laugh at their on-screen chemistry. The film starts to take up pace when they first encounter and besides their bantering there are other players in the scene.

It was funny from the start but towards the end things get down serious but not totally full drama it picks up and gives you a lesson in consequences with life. There’s so much action in this film that road mayhem is a normal word seeing the scenes unravel as the characters move on to get back on the road while being chased people with guns and bullets flying all over the place.

Overall it’s a simple film with a lot of laughs and some plenty of slapstick comedy even Robert Patrick the former T-1000 from Terminator 2 gets to be the guy who ends up badly towards the end of the film that you need to see how he went down.

Identity Thief opens in Philippine cinemas nationwide on May 1, 2013 from Universal Picture and locally distributed by Solar Entertainment.

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