Sunday, March 24, 2013

First So Beer Up a Social Saturday!

03.24.2013 – Social Beer Up is organized by individuals in the social media network. It’s a meet-up that breaks the walls of Facebook and Twitter which is getting to know behind the handles they use online.

Its similar to the previous social media meet ups like the tweet up but basically just a hang out with collaboration with MNL Boutique Hostel, and Sun Cellular supporting this gathering of like minded individuals with an occasional beer on hand while getting to meet the people not only from Facebook and Twitter but also from the blogging community.

The gather was hosted by MNL Boutique Hostel a backpacking inn for those travelers located at the heart of Makati City the Central Business District in the country.

Besides people from the various online platforms of Social Media foreign travelers who happen to stay at the hostel hang out and just grabbed a good drink. It’s like those days when people started chatting online had an “eyeball.”

Nowadays it’s more than just a “meet up” more like getting to know the network and finding opportunities to help each other in the business end of the spectrum. The gathering was sort of a “spur of the moment” as one of the organizers Jonha Revesencio just came from another Social Media event that recently happened in Cebu City. Her flight was delayed for almost two hours but was on time for the meet up.

Travel blogger Claire Algarme of along with her friend Eunice Fernando were the early birds who documented what’s inside MNL Boutique Hostel where she gives details for those who just want to stay in this place.

Well known individuals from the Social Media stopped by where Fitz Villafuerte, Vince Golangco of, Alma Cala, Roel Abatayo of, Nollie Araral, Jay Padriga, Angelo Lopez, Carissa Flores, Enzo Luna of, and with co-organizer Acee Vitangcol.

If you I forgotten to mention any names I failed to list down who came to the Social Beer Up please do leave a comment as there were a lot of people who came that night.

The gathering ended past midnight as everyone had a great weekend as for those early birds they get to take home some goodies from Sun Cellular and with special acknowledgements to and of course MNL Boutique Hostel.

There will be more “So Beer Up” gatherings soon for those who missed to connect with the people from various social media networks.

Congratulations to the organizers who made it possible until the next one!

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