Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Revisit Korea 2011: The Manila Out of Bounds.

03.13.2012 – Its one of those days when waiting is not your best friend while you wait at the airport. The flight was delayed by an hour eventually but the terminal is crowded waiting for their way out of this country. All I can do is waiting among the others who have been there longer than me.

This was an afternoon full of unexpected situations as a few the arriving visitors I watch the people come and go. There’s no excitement when Korea comes to mind but thoughts if you’re heading to Seoul not Busan there’s K-Pop and what not. But I’m heading to Busan an unfamiliar part of South Korea where there’s actually nothing to think about.

For anyone who dreams to coming to Korea the trip has a purpose. For me the travel there was not about leisure but on a personal business as my passport’s visa is not for three days and four nights it for fourteen days… Yes. Its FOURTEEN frickin’ days and I don’t know what to do and we’re not going to stay in a city but to a province that I have no idea where it is on Google maps. The thought there is I’ll just let it fly and treat this as a learning experience.

So waiting in the airport doesn’t have its moments but its eye catching sceneries. There are some hot Koreans walking on the terminal as if you’re watching a Korean Novela waiting to happen. There’s a group of them all bunched up in a row of chairs like they just had finished their tour of the Philippines.

As people became less in the terminal I was about to loose my mind on what to do while waiting. I just sat in the chair waiting trying to get the adjustment with a new pair of shoes my uncle gave me as a present when I stayed fro the New Year and spent the first days of 2011 in Davao City.

My laptop won’t work in the computer terminals and the wifi is not as friendly as it’s already draining the batteries of my mobile phone. The most I can be relaxed is by taking photos of anything around the area which is basically just fine.

A few minutes later the plane came and was prepped up for boarding as this is the second time in two years I get to fly out of the Philippines. The previous time I was out of the country is my trip to Singapore back in 2009 another first I went out on my own and spent most of the time in a huge mall. This was the time a geek convention was happening and the most of my time it was more of that and less tour of the red dot island cramped into four days and three nights.

The trip to Korea is happening as I board the plane for the next 8 hours of flight I’ll be numb as a beaten I try to occupy my time from my way out to Manila to Busan and I’ll never know what’s that going to be like when I get there.

The food on the plane was fairly manageable and the movies well I’ve seen Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 1 in the cinema prior to its regular screening. I’m seeing it again for this trip with lots of unexpected adventures that is waiting to be seen. As always the trip won’t be something without another interesting story to share around those who dreams of travel that I have lived to tell.

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