Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year Away From Home.

01.01.2011 - Bright morning quite welcoming, but the truth of the matter is that it was raining when midnight struck twelve. Went back to the house from Grandma's crib where we celebrated the New Year.

I was carrying my nine year old Filpino-Norwegian cousin on a rain, that made me slipped in the mud and gained a huge scratch near my toe.
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The day was filled with an adventure starting with a six hour butt cracking road trip in the morning yesterday. I haven't been home in eight years due to limited vacation leaves in the call center industry. Now this is whatt vacations are made of, which is a good one week spending in the province.

The road was not that bad anymore compared to my last trip eight years ago. Quite a smoother ride save that the driver should be a good drift racer. He was trying to make the van swerve like a sports car, and I was half frozen sitting in the middle of the air condition. Internet and text messaging is super limited as my current carrier won't make a budge, that I have to go out of the house just to get a good signal. I already have a back up sim card from another carrier, that gives you a full bar inside the house.

I just need to load it as I'm running only via text messaging service to all networks. The other not-so good part is the rain, that is inconsistent in the early evening.

The rest is good like my bed which is the air matress. I can't occupy the other room as my aunt has taken refuge with my half-foreign cousin. So far what occupies me is the regular Toy Photography shoots and the baking of those cookies.

Roast pig for lunch tomorrow and neighbors will be around. I had my fill yesterday when we arrived from the trip. Looks like letchon (roast pig) will be common here for the rest of the week.

Good thing I got my gear to keep the rest of the night sane just like back home in
Manila in the big city.

For now there's a few more days before I return to Davao City and heading to bed now.

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