Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Look: The New Philippine Twenty Peso Bill and The Stories.

01.29.2011 - Late last year Banknotes of the Philippine peso, where released officially but was riduculed in the social networking sites.

Interesting that I haven't seen one in person until my sister had acquired a twenty peso bill.

Looks strange when you look it up close, and one might accept the changes in our country's banknotes anytime soon.
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Optimash Prime gets to model one of the controversial peso bill, and examined its interesting features. The paper is different compared to its predecessor. During its announcements and negative feedback they sort limited its release.

Well at a closer look on the twenty peso bill it had errors. Though not to give into details one noticeable error was the inclusion of Batanes.

The other is that they have mistaken the current president's second name for a middle initial. President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino is his full name if you haven't read about it.

For a closer shots of the twenty peso bill take look here:

So these appearing now in trickles. There's one story my sister shared to me about a scene where her friend had no loose change and paid a new twenty peso bill. The conductor in the bus looked like the strict insperctor that he was exmanined the bill. Even tried to feel the roughness of the paper to see if its real or fake.

In a quick reaction to the new twenty peso bill, the conductor slowly rolled it gently. He put it away in his pcoket and replaced it with his old bill.

There was also an incident in a jeepney where one guy saw this girl about to pay the new twenty peso bill. But this guy spoke directly to this girl in having it traded for an old twenty peso bill.

Interesting stories about the new twenty pesos bill can turn into a hilarious story. Maybe if you see one crisp and new it might be your story that happens.

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