Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010: First Trick or Treat Adventure!

11.01.2010 - In the Philippines the Halloween tradition is not celebrated as everyone goes to visit the dearly departed for All souls Day.

Rarely Halloween is celebrated the way it is unlike having a big party in costume.
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Yesterday was my very first Trick or Treat with two friends at a suburbs somewhere in Makati. Last night was a bold and awesome Halloween party, but this one was something I'm not into until I got to experience it.

The candies and goodies was an added plus, but going through places going Trick or Treat with the younger kids was fun. Mostly my friend Tim got more photo opportunity than me and Ricky had. But it was a great run even though we encounter a bump when Tim's car started to stop at the main gate of the village.

There where some interesting stuff happened during the Tric or Treat like one house had a Cotton Candy Man giving away his stuff, while there's a mini-mansion with kids in their gorilla masks trying to scare us away.

Overall the best so far was the Bubble Gum Ice Cream by Fiorgelato was quite memorable. Capping the night watching PAranormal Activity 2 was not an original idea, and driving through McDonald's in our masks was hilarious.

I guess hopefully next year would be more Halloween events waiting to happen.

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