Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When Mach & Arlene Going The Distance.

09.01.2010 - Last Tuesday night I just saw the press media screening of the movie Going The Distance with a friend, which stars Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. The story is about long distance relationship.

The plot is already given with the title. I'm not going to talk about the movie or review about it. But I'm going to talk about two best friends of mine...

Real people who have endured for a long time to keep the relationship from the good times and those bad days. I'm talking about Mach "Diesel" Manual and his fiance Arlene C. aka Kismet Diesel.

How enduring is a long distance relationship? Seriously I was sort of into one back in 1996 with someone who studied in Australia. But this story is not about me, but these two people who brave the test of time, and kept the firendship alive. Because relationships is not only about romance and love, but also forging a friendship. Mach and Arlene reminded me about this movie.

I was there when Mach needed a friend most. Because at the time I met him in person back in 2007 he was trying to find himself back again.

A long distance relationship is not that easy, but based on this couple I can call my extended family they have been this for the longest time. Way back Mach travels to the philippines and stays for three months before leaving for June. Since he and I share the geekerie for toys the San Diego Comic-Con was his church no to miss it every July.

It was never a routine but it stuck to that every year. Back then communicating with someone was difficult, but with the advent of state of the art technology communication is now easilly accesible now compare to six or eight years ago.

Though not to go in detail on what has transpired in 2007, but this was the year these two people personally affected my own life. Mostly Mach had made an impact on my personal being on how you value people and friends. My apologies for my other close friends out there. If I'm close to dry humpin' this five feet tall bald man, but seriously this unique and passionate individual made me realize how friendship is worth more than your Gold plated Optimus Prime.

To make it short in the fourteen months being with him. It was worth the friendship than the half-balikbayan box he sent me on my birthday last year.

Seeing Mach and Arlene come together is good enough to be written in a novel. How would you feel about missing your bestfriend half the globe away?

If the movie had two people where separated only by two states. Mach and Arlene should be the movie is all about. I mean two people worlds apart would make you feel the butterflies on your tummy make you cringe. Missing someone you love is not that easy even with the technology to communicate.

When Mach went back to San Diego in the evening of August 26, 2008 and Arlene was not the only person in tears. I was crying inside and you could laugh at me for being ridiculously emotional. But if you put yourself and that love one in their position it would be very difficult.

Honestly there are a lot of people out there who are in a long distance relationship. But seeing Mach and Arlene as an example how far they are willing to going the distance is something beyond I have ever seen.

Now they are engaged and going to the next level. Recently I heard from a friend. that Arlene will fly out to San Diego. And good news of her being a certified nurse means she's going to see her bestfriend.

I can't wait to see their life unravel as they are Going Beyond The Distance.

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