Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photography Thoughts with Canon EOS 60D.

08.26.2010 - I was a born shutterbug. Though I admit I have no knowledge of any technicality about how a camera works or the explanation how it functions. But probably I have the uncanny ability to capture an image or photograph regardless any camera I touch. At a young age of of twelve I have been facinated taking pictures.
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Today I came across an article about the latest unveiling of the Canon EOS 60D which replaces the EOS 50D.

The concept of the EOS 60D without giving you a nose bleed is that it combines Canon's iFCL metering system, first introduced with the acclaimed EOS 7D, with a 63-zone Dual-Layer sensor. With the 18MP CMOS sensor and 1040k dot 3.0" LCD from the EOS 550D (Rebel T2i/Kiss X-4) with the AF system from the EOS 50D.

It also gains the EOS 7D's HD movie capability, which is the best of both worlds for a mid-level DSLR.

I've been looking through a lot of Canon's DSLR and already considered of planning to invest on the EOS 7D, but when the announcement today about the upcoming Canon EOS 60D materialized it gave me second thoughts.

The way the concept about the EOS 60D with a movable LCD reminds me of my old Canon Powershot S5iS, but the camera I own is not even a full DSLR. Though it had the abilities and features of a DSLR it is still a point and shoot camera. I've been holding off plans in getting a DSLR this year, and got me a Canon Powershot SX210 IS instead.

Though a lot of people I personally know has gone to that trend, because it has become a hype owning a DSLR that would make you look good in taking photos. It is not the actual case but the wrong perception about having to own one.

It was 2007 that I went to start using big cameras with DSLR features. Though the insterest in using a DSLR did not cross my mind, but waiting for the right camera that would enhance my skills in photography. I have hold off my reservations in wanting to own a DSLR, but with the Canon EOS 60D's unveiling today. This gave me the interest right now to pursue getting a DSLR.

Let's hope it sticks and for those wanting to know details about the Canon EOS 60D you can read more about it HERE!

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