Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bandila's Hot Seat: Manny Villar.

Manny Villar is not what I assumed to be. People assumed a lot about the man who came from poverty.

Indeed he doesn't look the part wearing denims in white polo shirt under that black jacket.

He was cool, calm, and answered every bit of questions thrown at him. Sadly I wasn't able to throw a basic one, but was very much attentive in all of his thirty minutes of glory.

What I liked about Manny Villar is he's prepared to answer the questions. Even though its beyond thirty seconds the news anchors allowed him to finish his answers. I might say he's really got his game on this one. Though I'm still not going to cast my vote on him or to anyone until I made my decision in nine days.

The higher point for me to watch is when he answered the question if he didn't get elected as president. He's prepared to help in any way in the private sector. All the more he is also prepared to lose this election, and quite intelligent with his bold words. There was no low point for me to nitpick, and was looking forward for him to give light regarding the C-5 controversy. It was impossible since they where throwing a lot of questions at him.

Ces Drilon was remarkable in leading the questions, and I see that she conducted the news showing fairness in getting Mr. Villar get his answers. All the questions where direct from the facebook page, and they said it was too many. I see they picked the ones worth simply answered immediately and not beating the bush.

Its like a tennis match which they serve the right pace of the ball going at the opponent, and that was served back with a good simple gesture. So I don't see any bias in the questions as they are running only a limited 30 minutes for Mr. Villar to get things rolling with his answers.

Though he did some shots to pertaining to Noynoy, when he was asked why his mother appears on TV specially the controversial interview in the news a few days ago. He cleared it his best about the question why he was asked, and he kept mentioning the media in his answers. In some small debate within him, and the host about the video question regarding being desperate including the black propaganda.

I see that he was always in the spotlight and putting him down. He admit that he's swimming with black propaganda, and throws back the question. In that it looks like a one sided affair that he was the target. Maybe we should take things in perspective on what Mr. Villar is trying to say. Rather than weight down the ones, who are getting the negative we should look at the other presidential. Its not easy being at the fore front of the storm as to each of his/her own let's give them an equal perspective who is the right one to choose.

Manny Villar response to C-5 controversy reading it again I'm still not sure if anyone was telling the truth. In this time where the national elections is getting close everything bad is coming out.

You get lost sometimes where to put your trust and who to vote. Though seeing Mr. Villar being sincere in answering the questions thrown at him I'm still not convinced. I guess it depends on who's concerned or up against. Everyone has eyes and ears to know what is really happening. For now let's take our attention on what they have contributed for the county not what they have done for worse.

This is a race and we are all spectators seeing this through the end. Let's hope that the national elections comes down smoothly.

Not everyone has an equal understanding its just a matter of personal opinion.

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