Monday, May 4, 2009

Red Shirt.

05.04.2009 - Every fan would love to see another great Star Trek Movie. Every Trekkie would slip in naturally in there respective uniforms and proudly say "Live Long And Prosper" with a Vulcan hand salute.

Non-fans would hate it or laugh about it. There are casual fans would be envious to see one in uniform. There are others who would know the difference between a Vulcan from a Klingon. Or a science officer in teal from a red shirt officer, who gets to be the casualty in every episode they go on an away mission.

And there's me in that Red Shirt who won't even care. Even if the uniform is straight from The Original Series. Being Trekkie is not a casualty, but is a gift even though I'm the only fan had worn the uniform like a normal clothing at work.

Can someone step up and wear it for real?

Its a dare but I wont mind to care.

But on the eve of seeing the 11th feature film its worth being proud in it. Though things have changed. For that matter others would be in the same clothing.

Since I'm no longer part of that it might be a change of heart.

Let's see what happens next.

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