Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Shape of Water | Fills Your Heart

03.21.2018 – For a film that’s totally unknown to a dominated superhero and science fiction genres “The Shape of Water” proves that you can watch a love story taken from a different perspective.

When you talk about Guillermo Del Toro what comes to mind is giant robots punching monsters or supernatural outwardly films like Pan’s Labyrinth that shiver down your spine. But romance is something most people would like to see. But through the vision of Del Toro is told.

With the cast of unlikely actors into these interesting characters “The Shape of the Water” is not just run on the mill type of love story, It has layers that touch the culture of its era and bottom line of this film is about being unaccepted.

It’s the reason why this film has won Best Picture and Best Director at the recently concluded Academy Award. Del Toro has co-written, produced and directed this film through his vision of a fantasy drama film. Doug Jones and Sally Hawkins as the Amphibious Man and the intelligent mute Elisa Esposito challenge the perception that love has no boundaries in portraying these unlikable characters. But they easily grow on you how they make you feel that even though you’re not accepted in society there someone out there can see you for who you are.

The diverse cast each have interesting characters set in the 1950s you can see how this film touches the undertones of real-life society about discrimination and racism. The backdrop of a creature being imprisoned in a government facility is one of those Del Toro types of films that make up the romantic narrative.

Set into an era where everything is analog the aesthetics from classic cars to shiny diners makes this fantasy drama film is authentic as it can be down to the musical score and soundtrack. What makes this film critically acclaimed being sort of a ‘dark horse’ in cinemas clearly shows you can tell a good story without the need to be loud. Having known Del Toro for his recent blockbuster film like Pacific Rim he pulls himself and creates something small, but has a bigger impact in what some thought a horror film that turns out to be a story with a heart the way he looks at it.

Overall “The Shape of the Water” indeed is a deserving film for all the layers and elements of being a fantasy movie, but actually from the core of it is a love story that crosses beyond the difference of two beings that you definitely have to see it.

“Shape of Water” already showing in cinemas worldwide. Its now playing in Australia and New Zealand since January 18, 2018, from Village Roadshow and released by 20th Century Fox in Philippine cinemas since February 21, 2018.


NOTE: This film was screened publicly at Palace Nova East End in Adelaide, South Australia. This is reviewed with a personal opinion not for you to agree or disagree about the views written by the author but to gain insight on his perspective about the film.

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