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03.16.2018 – It’s been a while to have probably browsed a graphic novel in a while, but the spin-off to Dark Colony’s successful debut in 2012 has been a long wait.

Five years later you wouldn’t recall about this book from Budjette Tan, JB Tapia and Bow Guerrero until it was released sometime in November 2017.

We’re talking about Dark Colony Clasificado: The Grinning of the Nino Barang. Originally the review has been in the draft for quite some time and I haven’t put it up until had enough time to share what I think of it these past few days.

The original Dark Colony focuses on the beginning adventures of Mikey Recio heir apparent to be the next generation of Knights along with the same age groups that he met during a Holy Week tradition that his grandfather has been cultivating on the young lad unknowing his true purpose why he’s been put up into this every summer.

In 2012, Budgette, JB, and Bow have been writing stories about Dark Colony for decades and have finally published it with positive reviews and word of mouth. Unfortunately, the height of its newfound popularity slowly became a one-shot hit that was immediately forgotten. I have instantly become a fan due to these talented artists how they have produced an original aside from Budjette’s “Trese” series. This was the second project that elevated him to not only to have written one book but have co-create TWO this time with close friends JB and Bow.

During the long wait I’ve been asking Budjette about the long delay and in-between those years life changes as the later had a new career working for the Danish-based toy company that produced colorful plastic bricks. It happens to everyone for the reason why you see it took some time for me to share my thoughts about this book. JB and Bow had the same life changes for the reason it took a long time for these men to wrangle up and have this out last year.

Every bit of Bow’s work has been defined and as they say “You can’t rush art” as one of the reasons for the delay. But finally, its here even though I was a bit less enthusiastic about not being in comic book form, but novelized to make you look at Dark Colony as an expanding series beyond its comic book trappings. Though I have not had the privilege to sit through every page of this book I already had an idea as back in 2014 Bow Guerrero has released dossiers what the protectors of the series are up against. But they have entirely reveal it as a spin-off than a sequel. If you’re a fan of the ‘X-Files’ then this book is the expanded content of that limited released files that Bow was selling a few years ago as he planted that idea.

Behind the scenes, there were changes on how this spins out from the original Dark Colony, which represents the origins for those have thought this as a follow-up hoping for the continuity of the series. Besides the dossier-style content of this book has more revelation to the world of Dark Colony and for those curious enough about it try getting the original release and add this as a companion backstory.

I could have hope for a graphic novel, but they say patience is rewarded and someday we will see Mikey Recio’s adventure moving forward. For now, if you have time to sit through six chapters of worded content with impressive art then head out to your nearest bookstore and pick this up you might want to wrangle up the authors for a follow up on what’s next.

Acknowledgments go out to Bow Guerrero, JB Tapia, Budjette Tan, Ariel Atienza, and Sandeson Gonzaga for the Dark Colony book, were released prior to Komikon 2017 having the second copy lended to Greenlight Comics.

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