Monday, March 20, 2017

In Photography | Pura: Panagyaman 2017

03.20.2017 – Town Fiestas are a common sight in the Philippines, but rarely now a scene if you live in the city mostly part of Metro Manila. It is considered one of the highlights of every town that celebrate its founding anniversary.

Pura is one of the small towns in Tarlac that recently concluded its town fiesta that featured coloful and creative floats, which also include a parade of beauty contestants that where seen the night before that had so much pageantry.

The weather was just right and the huge crowd formed in the main street has been waiting for the parade to start. But there where minor constant delay, which weren’t resolved until past 4 PM as huge traffic, has already formed in some parts of the town that diverted it to the part where the parade would start.

It’s rare that you’ll see a town going all out for their fiesta, which has been a Filipino tradition what you can say a ‘lost art’ when you talk about creative floats and the whole pageantry how its being celebrated in a cultural sense.

The nearby small cities within Metro Manila has been less spectacular these past years, but Pura in Tarlac certainly has kept the tradition with these images taken yesterday afternoon that’s well received…

Overall the parade went through the route as planned and traffic was well managed. The travel from the main city to Tarlac wasn’t all that troublesome since it was a Sunday one-day road trip that I rarely do, which reminds me how very different it is how things goes in Metro Manila in comparison within South Australia.

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