Saturday, October 15, 2016

Synergy 88 Contributes for Gears of War 4!

10.15.2016 – Videogames are like almost on the same level as animation, movie and television now. But more of between animation and live action, which is interactive as gamers have the control of the narrative where it will take them. What makes it interesting is how the quality has become is close to live action.

In the case of “Gears of Wars 4” the game has truly evolve both story-wise and quality when it was launched four days earlier. The Coalition has put together the best production for this game that included the company in Synergy 88.

The Coalition, a Microsoft first party-studio was behind the latest instalment from the blockbuster franchise for “Gears of War,” which produced a new chapter to the ever expanding game. The story now revolves around J.D. Fenix, the son of the original protagonist from the first trilogy who finds himself in imminent danger.

There is also the dynamic that plays out which explores the father and son relationship of the characters. Fenix is in the tight spot and may have to call on his father’s help, which is sort of a reunion at the same time that will bring both of them together facing extreme forces of evil.

Synergy 88 Digital Inc was chose by The Coalition as development partner to create the 3D art assets, which makes the Filipino-based company its first Microsoft-certified studio for game art outsourcing.

The Coalition is extremely pleased with the quality of work Synergy 88 Digital has contributed to this game. Walter de Torres, The Coalition Director of Production, says, “I would like to thank Synergy88 Digital for their contribution in making the environments of Gears of War 4 come to life. Their quality was world class and they delivered when we needed them to. We look forward to collaborating with them on future projects.”

Alvin Juban, President of Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), commends being in service of The Coalition. “There has been no greater honor and pleasure than serving with the Coalition. The mentorship, work style and communication practice, the entire experience from qualification to execution was beyond all our expectations”, he said.

Originally the “Gears of War” franchise was developed by Epic Games, which purchased the rights by Microsoft Studios and developed its fourth instalment. From there, The Coalition, then called Black Tusk Studios, announced that the next Gears of War was in concept and prototyping in May 2014.

Initial reviews already rave about the new weapons, the active game play, and smooth movement of the characters. Early beta testers describe Gears of War 4 to be a natural evolution of the series from where it spawned from.

The Board of Investment, an attached agency of the Department of Trade and Industry, has been promoting the country as an investment destination of choice in the game development and animation industry to the international gaming community.

Angelica M. Cayas, Director of International Investments Promotion Service of the Board of Investment, congratulates Microsoft and the Synergy88 Digital, Inc. for the launch of this most awaited game, Gears of War.

“With the steady growth of the economy, and the continued public and private support, we are confident that the industry will remain on its positive growth path in the years ahead”, she adds.

One of the structures produced by Synergy 88 Digital Inc. for "Gears of War 4."

By being part of an elite game development team, Synergy 88 Digital joins the ranks of premiere 3D game art providers in the world. Synergy 88 Managing Director and Co-Founder Jackie Chua say, “Our investment in hardware and software, particularly human resources is paying off. Two years ago, this partnership was just a gleam in the horizon. Since then we’ve consistently and continuously grew our capabilities, our facilities, and our people because we foresee bigger, more resource-driven engagements with our partners.”

“When The Coalition with the Gears of War 4 project came along, we knew for sure that we were on the right track all along. The impending success of the game is icing on the cake. Our partnership with The Coalition gives us the confidence that we can compete with the world’s best in our area of expertise.”

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