Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Stranger Things | Beyond Popcorn & Flickering Lights

08.16.2016 – Joyce Byers is not buying it that his son is dead. The Duffer Brothers is just merely holding back to what everything is all about “Stranger Things.” Netflix has not renewed the series and the collective who have seen it is very anxious.

I myself won’t even believe it that this is all about it. There have been breadcrumbs left at the wake of the eight episode first season series and the lights are slowly flickering. It’s a series that had resolution but also left the upside down open…

For the past two nights I was huddled up in my tiny little chair black lights off with a bowl of popcorn and a cup of ice cream ready to see what this phenomenon is all about. It has been almost a month since it debuted on Netflix that everyone was raving about. From the tweets, shout outs, and art tributes everyone can’t get enough of this series that has accumulated a cult following.

I was almost late to the party, but I didn’t even flinch about it that Millie Bobby Brown is set to travel to the Philippines this month for Asia Pop Comic Con in Manila. Everyone will be lining up for her autographs and photo opportunities to think she’s only twelve one more number to the character she made famous.

But the heart of this small time show is the nostalgia that made it known. Growing up seeing Tron, The Last Star Fighter, Stand By Me, and anything that inspired this series has simply has something of the opposite what we live now. The limitations of technology gave kids the freedom to live out their lives in the great outdoors. Those where the days you spent your summer with neighbourhood friends hanging out playing Filipino street games are now a dying culture.

“Stranger Things” reminds us how things where simple with culture how they encounter certain challenges in dealing supernatural

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