Friday, August 19, 2016

#ItTakesCourage | Ray-Ban Launches Campaign!

08.19.2016 – When you talk about “Ray-Ban” immediately it’s a pair of sunglasses that your grandfather wears or the one that you see being worn by Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Since 1937 the eyewear has become iconic as its name that defines your look.

Ray-Ban launches are its latest global campaign #ItTakesCourage defining all odds with a look with wearing the most famous eyewear. The event not only unveils the latest eyewear but also brings the best in what is the brand all about.

Though you might miss Mr. Ely Buendia’s performance with his Pupil Band or a live art that had happened you step in the Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery and mistake it as place of history featuring Ray-Ban about its proud beginnings and a long line of history that defined the brand for what it was from various forms of fashion and media.

There are plenty of things to see during the event that rocked the night. Ray-Ban launches global campaign #ItTakesCourage is not just a hashtag, but also bringing Ray-Ban a new profound identity to be bold and courageous in everyday life. There actually six courageous acts Ray-Ban is promoting in this campaign.

Open Your Heart

Take that leap of faith in the name of love. Whether it is with a lover, a sibling, or a complete stranger, Ray-Ban wants you to Open Your Heart. Sometimes it’s more important to reveal who you really are. You might get surprised what you’ll get in return.

Fight Perfection

The courage to reject society’s stereotypes and be happy being you: Ray-Ban is now telling you to Fight Perfection. In this society where we all feel the pressure to achieve perfection, knock out false expectations. #ItTakesCourage to fight perfection and embrace the real you.

Face Critics

Ray-Ban believes it takes courage to Face Critics; to do what you love despite knowing you are going to be judged for it. Life’s too short to take criticism seriously. Stand up, be proud, and don’t let fear of judgement hold you back.

Push Yourself

Despite all the warnings, a runner continues to break through her barriers – keep on going even if so many signs seem to tell to you quit. Believe in the courage to power on in pursuit of dreams big and small. #ItTakesCourage to Push Yourself.

Start New

Start New: The courage to leave the past as past and move forward to a brighter future ahead. Don’t let any baggage get in the way of a new chapter in your life.


It takes courage to ditch the screen and truly connect in the real world, where you meet real people with real feelings. Ray-Ban® wants you to Unplug and experience life outside the digital world.

Ray-Ban is ready for the future and goes back to its roots and also helps you define your personality through its line of eyewear. It’s distributed in the Philippines by Branded Lifestyle Inc., which represents the largest and finest global eyewear brands in the country today.

Since the 1980s, the company has been involved in the retail and distribution of prestige and luxury eyewear brands in the market. Its distribution network spans the entire archipelago, with over 200 retail doors and counting.

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